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QED Reference review

There's no doubt that QED's Reference HDMI is an assured performer, but the price may put off those on a tight budget

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

It's a great cable, and an assured, but expensive, performer


  • Great detailing
  • sharp pictures
  • expansive sound
  • realistic tones


  • It's not cheap

It's easy to pick a QED cable out from the crowd – well made, lush packaging, flashy plugs and a spangly jacket.

And, oddly enough, the Reference fits that description, which, at a wallet busting £125, is mildly reassuring.

The performance reassures too, with sharp, crystal clear and smoothly fast-paced images that feature life-like contrast and realistic skin tones.

Plenty of dynamics and punch
The opening scenes of The Fellowship Of The Ring leap from the screen at you, and the luxurious greens and sunshine are faithfully reproduced.

It follows that the sound should match, and lo and behold, it does, with expansive and elastic sonics that dig deep when needed and are packed full of dynamics and punch.

This is a great cable hands down, and if you've got the money then, yes, have a ball, but if, like most mere mortals, you're working to a budget then the Chord Supershield might be a better bet.

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