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  1. Samsung BD-F7500

    Samsung BD-F7500

    Reviewed on 29th July 2013
    Price when reviewed £220

    A stylish Blu-ray player with excellent smart content, but its picture and sound performance disappoints

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  2. Samsung UE40F7000

    Samsung UE40F7000

    Reviewed on 2nd July 2013
    Price when reviewed £1200

    A good-looking TV with a great picture and a wealth of smart features

  3. Samsung BD-F6500

    Samsung BD-F6500

    Reviewed on 16th June 2013
    Price when reviewed £130

    As a low-cost option, the Samsung isn’t a bad shout – not the best in class but still competitive

  4. Samsung Galaxy S4

    Samsung Galaxy S4

    Reviewed on 19th May 2013

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 performs significantly better than its predecessor but has pressing issues with its interface, sound and picture quality

  5. Samsung PS51F8500

    Samsung PS51F8500

    Reviewed on 1st May 2013
    Price when reviewed £1900

    The Samsung PS51F8500 is a top-class plasma TV: it isn’t cheap – but you get what you pay for

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  7. Samsung UE46F7000

    Samsung UE46F7000

    Reviewed on 15th April 2013
    Price when reviewed £1600

    Another great screen from Samsung, with stunning picture quality and interface that’s worth its price… and an audition

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  8. Samsung UE55F8000

    Samsung UE55F8000

    Reviewed on 6th March 2013
    Price when reviewed £2500

    The Samsung's all-powerful Smart Hub and natural pictures are sure to impress but the best deliver better black detail

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  9. Samsung PS51E490

    Samsung PS51E490

    Reviewed on 11th January 2013
    Price when reviewed £550

    If 3D is important to you, then you should definitely give this TV a try, but there are better 2D-only units out there

  10. Samsung Galaxy S II

    Samsung Galaxy S II

    Reviewed on 3rd January 2013

    A fine phone and worthy champion – but the new kids have upped the ante

  11. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

    Reviewed on 2nd January 2013

    A highly capable handset, but one that is outclassed by cheaper rivals

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