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  1. Onkyo CS-525UKD

    Onkyo CS-525UKD

    Reviewed on 7th August 2008
    Price when reviewed £320

    Plenty to offer but has simply been pipped at the post by a superior sounding rival

  2. Denon D-M37DAB

    Denon D-M37DAB

    Reviewed on 24th July 2008
    Price when reviewed £300

    The extra outlay for the iPod dock seems fair to us, while everything else about this system remains top drawer

  3. Consonance Forbidden City- Ping

    Consonance Forbidden City- Ping

    Reviewed on 8th July 2008
    Price when reviewed £1495

    It may have a silly name but this one-box CD receiver is a delight

  4. Vita Audio R4

    Vita Audio R4

    Reviewed on 16th June 2008
    Price when reviewed £550

    All-in one CD/DAB/iPod dock system, with a warm, lush and slightly reserved sound

  5. Hitachi AXM133

    Hitachi AXM133

    Reviewed on 27th May 2008
    Price when reviewed £180

    Accomplished performance, SD card and USB inputs combine with great style, price, flexibility and performance - the Hitachi is something of a winner

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  7. Arcam Solo Mini

    Arcam Solo Mini

    Reviewed on 15th April 2008
    Price when reviewed £765

    Best CD system £400–£800, Awards 2010. The Arcam Solo Mini is a near-perfect all-in-one system

  8. Sony CMT-SPZ90DB

    Sony CMT-SPZ90DB

    Reviewed on 14th March 2008
    Price when reviewed £180

    If you're looking specifically for DAB, a CD multichanger and cassette in your micro system (and we suppose some people must be), this is the baby for

  9. Panasonic SC-AK270

    Panasonic SC-AK270

    Reviewed on 14th March 2008
    Price when reviewed £140

    Not particularly subtle with its big-bass sound, but it performs reasonably well overall, so if you really yearn for a multidisc CD system, this could

  10. Ministry of Sound MC057IP

    Ministry of Sound MC057IP

    Reviewed on 11th September 2007
    Price when reviewed £140

    This Ministry of Sound micro system offers a ridiculous number of features and quite acceptable sound considering the very affordable price



    Reviewed on 11th September 2007
    Price when reviewed £230

    Flat panel speakers, plus a subwoofer makes for something a bit different from TEAC - the sound is acceptably good without blowing you out of the wate