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The Week in HD – Monday 8th September

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Monday 8th September

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Blu-ray - Pick of the Day

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Blu-ray - Pick of the Day

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition Blu-ray

This great all-in-one collection includes the magnificent 50th anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor, Matt Smith's final episodes as the time lord and Paul McGann's surprise appearance in the online mini-episode.

It also includes Mark Gatiss's lovely film dramatising the very first days of the first series of the show back in 1973 An Adventure in Space and Time, the hilarious The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, which stars a group of old Doctors and special guests trying to get into the 50th anniversary special, and an exclusive cut of the script read-through for the The Day of the Doctor.

Bad Neighbours Blu-ray

Hilarious hijinks ensue when a couple with a newborn baby move next door to a frat house. While it's not a masterpiece, we thought it was 'always looking for the next way of making you laugh and we can't think of a stinker of a joke throughout the whole film. In that respect, it's a very successful comedy.'

Read our full review to find out why we took a shine to this immature yet likable film.

Switzerland v England ITV HD, 7.45pm

England's first qualifier for Euro 2016 and they come up against a Swiss side that narrowly lost to Argentina in the summer World Cup. Optimism isn't high with injury worries over a few members of the squad, but they'll want to start off well and get this potentially tricky fixture out of the way.

University Challenge BBC One HD, 8pm

Jeremy Paxman hosts the first-round quiz between Bath University and University of Glasgow.

Tuesday 9th September

True Blood - Pick of the Day, Fox HD

True Blood - Pick of the Day, Fox HD

Firefly Syfy HD, 9pm

The Message. There's a Firefly episode every night this week on Syfy, and tonight's adventure sees Mal and Zoe face their past when a coffin containing their old war comrade Tracey gets posted to them.

Tracey wants his body to be buried at home and can think of no one better to trust to do the deed, but has the Serenity crew been duped?

True Blood Fox HD, 10pm

Thank You. It's time to say farewell to the vampires, shapeshifters, witches, werewolves, fairies and humans of Bon Temps, as the raunchy and gory supernatural show comes to an end after seven series.

Will there be a happy ending for Sookie Stackhouse? Expect more deaths in the finale.

Wednesday 10th September

Defiance - Pick of the Day, Syfy HD

Defiance - Pick of the Day, Syfy HD

The Great British Bake Off BBC One HD, 8pm

European cakes. We take baking inspiration from the continent in tonight's episode, where Sue Perkins explores the delicious legacy of Danish pastry.

In the tent, the bakers must cook their signature 'yeast-leavened cakes', and then take on a whopping 24-stage Swedish princess torte in the technical challenge. They must then tackle a multi-layered Hungarian cake called 'dobos torte', which must have two tiers and lots of caramel.

We approve.

Defiance Syfy HD, 8pm

Good Bye Blue Sky. Series two of this futuristic sci-fi show airs in UK very soon (18th September), so here's your chance to get acquainted with the show so far. It's 2046 on Earth, and an uneasy alliance has settled between humans and aliens after years of war. But earth's atmosphere has become mutated beyond recognition, with stunning new flora and fauna (thanks to some beautiful CGI) and a multitude of alien races now inhabiting the planet.

In tonight's episode, resident psychic Irisa (played by Stephanie Leonidas) warns that 'razor rain' - lethal rain with sharp spaceship debris - is about to hit the town of Defiance.

Thursday 11th September

Blade - Pick of the Day, Sky Movies Showcase HD

Blade - Pick of the Day, Sky Movies Showcase HD

Operation Stonehenge: What Lies Beneath BBC Two HD, 8pm

Using CGI to show us the hidden monuments that lie beneath the iconic stone structures, we're shown the fascinating history and origins of Stonehenge spanning from 8000 BC to 2500 BC.

We're not just shown the effects of war and international trade on the monument, we're also shown how the people of the area lived all those millennia ago, giving an insight as to why and how these stones came to be revered.

Penguins on a Plane: Great Animal Moves BBC Two HD, 9pm

How do you transport a flock of gentoo penguins from New Zealand to Birmingham? Why, with a hi-tech, custom-built £40,000 plane fitted with a refrigerator, air-filtering and seat belts, of course.

As these penguins travel in style in their 'penguin hotel', a stubborn two-tonne hippo named Pinky is reluctant to travel to the south of France for a breeding programme, and eight billion bees are being imported from Italy to help the UK's plummeting bee population.

Mock the Week BBC Two HD, 10pm

Ed Byrne, Gary Delaney, Josh Widdecombe and Katherine Ryan join the regulars to satirise the past week's news.

Blade Sky Movies Showcase HD, 10pm

There are talks of a Blade reboot, but we're still too entertained by the first film to even consider a reprisal. Stephen Dorff plays a charismatic young vampire determined to bring his traditional and overbearing rulers into the modern age, but he has half-human half-vampire anti-hero Blade (played by Wesley Snipes) blocking his path to world domination.

Friday 12th September

The Counsellor - Pick of the Day, Sky Movies Premiere HD

The Counsellor - Pick of the Day, Sky Movies Premiere HD

About Time Sky Movies Drama & Romance HD, 8pm

Rachel McAdams once again finds herself at the mercy of a man who can time travel. This time it's Domhnall Gleeson (Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter films), who goes back in time repeatedly to win her over, and whose time-hopping abilities seem to have been passed on by his father, Bill Nighy.

Yes, it's a Richard Curtis film, so expect a good-natured and idealised romantic comedy with more sunshine than should be normal for a British year.

Max Payne E4 HD, 9pm

Max Payne the game was fantastic: a neo-noir third-person shooter whose visual style was heavily influenced by hard-boiled detective novels, John Woo's action films, and used The Matrix's bullet-time effect as well as graphic novel panels to tell the story.

Max Payne the movie? Not so much. It follows the dark and gritty tone of the game, but the story - a NYPD cop out to get revenge on the mobsters that murdered his wife and child - and the action falls a little flat. Mark Wahlberg isn't at his best as the moody Payne, either, but the film's visuals are arresting and lovely to watch.

The Counsellor: Extended Cut Sky Movies Premiere HD, 9.45pm

Ridley Scott's latest film is hard to explain, categorise and, for some, like. Michael Fassbender stars as a successful lawyer whose perfect life spirals out of control when a first-time drug deal goes wrong.

With a script that doesn't spoonfeed you the story, characters that are very difficult to decipher or like, and a story that depends a lot on style as it does plot, it's a riveting yet demanding film about greed and corruption.

The A-list cast includes Javier Barden, Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt, and a bewitching Cameron Diaz, who has two pet cheetahs on a leash.

Saturday 13th September

Arsenal v Manchester City BT Sport 1 HD, 12.45pm

We're back with Premier League action and it's a big match with Arsenal taking on City at the Emirates.

Considering Arsenal's emphatic win in the Community Shield they'll be going into this match with some confidence and City will want to put their home loss to Stoke down as a minor blip.

The Importance of Being Earnest BBC One HD, 1.35pm

Deliciously witty and hilarious adaptation of Oscar Wilde's comedy about mistaken identity, wooing and an overuse of the name 'Earnest'.

Starring Rupert Everett and Colin Firth as friends whose use of the moniker to gain the love of Reese Witherspoon and Frances O'Connor (respectively) has amusing consequences, while Judi Dench plays the formidable matriarch.

Liverpool v Aston Villa Sky Sports HD 1, 5.30pm

Unbelievably Aston Villa are ahead of Liverpool in the table. Despite not excelling in terms of their performances, they've shot out of the gates and racked up the points and are unbeaten so far.

Liverpool, on the other hand, come into this match with a three goal demolishing of Tottenham Hotspur still fresh in their minds and they'd most definitely like a repeat of that performance on Saturday.

Doctor Who BBC One HD, 7.30pm

Listen. "What's that in the mirror, or the corner of your eye? What's that footstep following, but never passing by?"

What happens when the Doctor is alone and scared? In what's been touted as the most terrifying episode of this series, past and future ghosts haunt the Time Lord, Clara and a small group of characters. It's a departure from the sci-fi show as there'll be no CGI in this episode, so it'll be interesting to see what chills and horrors writer Steven Moffat has in store for us (see above for trailer).

Sunday 14th September

Blade Runner - Pick of the Day, BBC Two HD

Blade Runner - Pick of the Day, BBC Two HD

Manchester United v Queens Park Rangers Sky Sports HD 1, 4pm

Manchester United's stuttering season continues with no wins and with as many goals as they have points (two).

Even their opposition, QPR, are ahead of them in the table. Van Gaal will be under pressure if they fail to win come the final whistle.

The Rock Channel 5 HD, 9pm

We like Michael Bay. In the 1990s Michael Bay gave us Bad Boys and Armageddon.

He also gave us action thriller The Rock, in which chemical weapons expert Nicholas Cage and ex-spy Sean Connery team up and break into Alcatraz to stop a war-hero-gone-bad (Ed Harris) from blowing hostages and San Francisco up with explosives.

Now that's a proper action film.

Blade Runner BBC Two HD, 10.45pm

In Los Angeles, 2019 - which doesn't seem that distant and futuristic anymore - replicants (humanoids that look exactly like us but with superior intelligence and strength) are outlawed on earth after a violent uprising. When four rebel replicants return, it's up to android hunter Deckard to identify, capture and 'retire' them. Starring Harrison Ford in one of his – and Ridley Scott's – best films.

'Til next week…

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