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The Week in HD - Monday 22nd September

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Monday 22nd September

Goldfinger - Blu-ray release of the Week

Goldfinger - Blu-ray release of the Week

Hannibal Series Two - Blu-ray

The cannibal is back... on Blu-ray, with this release of the second season. Examining the early relationship between Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and the enigmatic Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen), this season sees evidence incriminate Will in a string of gruesome murders with the good doctor lurking in the background, pulling the strings.

After a terrific first season, the second is also excellent: it's darker, masterfully shot and with a great soundtrack. It's one of the TV highlights of the year.

Bloody good fun.

Fargo Series One - Blu-ray

Like Hannibal, this is another TV series that piggybacks off a popular 90s film. It loosely follows the same plot as the original film by the Coen brothers, adding new characters (Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman) and staying close to the spirit and tone of the classic movie.

Further evidence that the medium of television is experiencing something of a golden age.

Arrow Series Two - Blu-ray

Superhero TV shows have had trouble measuring up to their bigger brothers in film, but Arrow is showing that the gap can be bridged with another dynamic season.

This release contains all 23 episodes following the story of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) who returns to Starling City to find that the Green Arrow is needed more than ever. But who can he trust and will he stop Deathstroke from tearing the city apart?

Goldfinger - Blu-ray

A limited edition release of Bond classic Goldfinger that comes in a steel-book case. Nothing's changed from the previous release, video or sound wise, but you do get a rather alluring disc holder that mimics the look of the film's opening credits.

Boardwalk Empire - Sky Atlantic HD, 10pm

After last week's opening episode, Nucky (Steve Buscemi) returns from Cuba none too happy and wanting answers on who tried to kill him. His mood is not improved when the Repeal of Prohibition is passed, creating problems for his alcohol-selling networks.

Tuesday 23rd September

State of Play – Pick of the Day – ITV 1 HD, 10.40pm

State of Play – Pick of the Day – ITV 1 HD, 10.40pm

The Leftovers Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm

Penguin One, Us Zero. The repercussions of the mysterious disappearances are still being felt as Kevin (Justin Theroux) sees a therapist after some unsettling encounters.

State of Play ITV 1 HD, 10.40pm

If you're a fan of House of Cards, you should consider giving State of Play a try – a similar, but less ridiculous, spin on Washington politics.

Starring Russell Crowe as battle-hardened journalist Cal McAffrey, he's reunited with his old college friend – Ben Affleck's up-coming Congressman Stephen Collins – when a murder investigation threatens to implicate Affleck's politician. As McAffrey digs deeper, he finds out that not everything is what it seems.

Based on the excellent BBC series of the same name, it's a decent drama full of intrigue and double-crossing, leaving the viewer unsure of whom to trust.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Netflix

With Mockingjay out in November, Catching Fire speeds onto Netflix in this action-packed sequel that sees Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss Everdeen return to the Hunger Games arena.

A sequel that is better in almost every way over the original, rebellion is in the air after Katniss and Peeta's act of defiance creates a ruction within Panem. Will they survive another trip into the arena? (Yes, of course). But more importantly, will they ever be the same after this second experience?

Wednesday 24th September

Mrs. Doubtfire Sky 1 HD, 7.40pm

A reminder of Robin Williams in his pomp, Mrs. Doubtfire sees the late, great comedian at his manic best after a bitter divorce leaves him determined to see his kids more. He concocts a disguise as a Scottish female housekeeper to do so.

Riffing off Mary Poppins, Mrs. Doubtfire is ridiculous, but oh so much fun

The Great British Bake Off BBC One HD, 8pm

Advanced Dough. We're down to five remaining contestants as they face a baking challenge in the form of dough.

We can't get enough of this food. 'Nuff said.

The Strain Watch HD, 10pm

The Box. The four survivors of the 'strain' begin experiencing some strange symptoms as Eph (Corey Stoll) and Nora (Nora Martinez) attempt to keep them safe, but end up thwarted by a campaign of disinformation.

Thursday 25th September

Marvellous – Pick of the Day – BBC Two HD, 9pm

Marvellous – Pick of the Day – BBC Two HD, 9pm

Marvellous BBC Two HD, 9pm

A unique blend of musical, biopic and fantasy, this one-off BBC production is based on the true story of Neil Baldwin who suffered from learning difficulties growing up and went on to live a strange and varied life that included joining the circus, becoming Stoke City FC's mascot and being awarded an honorary degree.

With Baldwin played by the vastly under-rated Toby Jones, Marvellous is a larger-than-life story if ever there was one.

Tina Fey: Inside the Actor's Studio Sky Artist 1 HD, 7pm

One of the great comediennes of recent years, Tina Fey shares her tips on improvisation, reflects on her time on Saturday Night Live and her influence in the world of comedy. It's a slightly old interview, but if you're a fan of Fey, it's well worth watching.

Premium Rush Amazon Prime

Fast-paced action film that nobly eschews the car, truck or any other form of transport for the trusty bicycle.

You might think there's little that can be done with such a scenario, but you'll be surprised by the Road Runner-esque situations Joseph Gordon-Levitt's bike messenger gets into after intercepting a package that a dirty cop (Michael Shannon) desperately needs.

Friday 26th September

The Ryder Cup Live Sky Sports Ryder Cup HD, 7am

Live coverage of the 40th Ryder Cup at the beautiful Gleneagles course. Will it be Europe or USA triumphing after three days of golf? It will be tight and it will be very dramatic.

Transparent Amazon Prime

New original series from Amazon Prime with Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development) taking the lead in this show about a dysfunctional family. The first episode sees things get a bit weird when the head of family (Tambor) decides to have a sex change, causing further secrets to tumble out.

Iceman Netflix

A truly bonkers set-up that features Donnie Yen's warrior transporting a magical device called The Golden Wheel of Time to the Ming emperor. Betrayed, he's cast out to an icy tomb and wakes up 400 years later.

Setting out to find the truth and the whereabouts of the Wheel of Time, this leads to several kung-fu action sequences and some daft fish-out-of-water humour.

Released on UK Netflix on the same day as its release in US cinemas, it sounds awful but could be fun. Or it could be really, really bad.

Why are you sill reading? Watch that trailer! Then watch it again!

Pitch Perfect Sky Movies Drama and Romance HD, 8pm

The success of Glee may have made singing a little bit uncool but this film (which is constantly being shown at the Prince Charles, London cinema) is a right blast.

When Anna Kendrick's Beca is pushed into joining acapella group The Bellas, they find themselves up against a rival male group as they try to win a college campus competition.

Saturday 27th September

End of Watch – Pick of the Day – Channel 4 HD, 9.15pm

End of Watch – Pick of the Day – Channel 4 HD, 9.15pm

Liverpool vs Everton Barclays Premier League BT Sport 1 HD, 12pm

With both Merseyside teams suffering disappointing defeats last weekend, it will be interesting to see how they fare as they face each other in their first derby of the season.

European commitments will have been a distraction, but the winner of this match will hope it kickstarts a season that has seen stuttering starts for both teams.

Doctor Who BBC One HD, 8.30pm

The Caretaker. We've reached the halfway point of the eighth series, and after last week's very good Time Heist episode, we're hoping this recent run of form can continue.

The Caretaker sees the Doctor go undercover at Coal Hill school when The Skovox Blitzer threatens to destroy all humanity and most intriguingly, it's there where he'll meet Danny Pink, Clara's possible love interest. Sparks will fly.

End of Watch Channel 4 HD, 9.15pm

Terrific thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena as two cops in Los Angeles who come across a treasure trove of weapons and find themselves marked by a Mexican drugs cartel.

Benefiting from some great POV cinematography and two engaging lead performances, End of Watch is a gritty cop thriller that's a rewarding watch.

Sunday 28th September

MotoGP Aragon – Pick of the Day – BT Sport 2 HD, 9.30am

MotoGP Aragon – Pick of the Day – BT Sport 2 HD, 9.30am

Sex & Drugs & Rock and Roll BBC Two HD, 10pm

It's not often we get to see Andy Serkis act without the aid of motion-capture suits. so this offers a reminder of what a good performer he is (in case you didn't know already).

Telling the story of Ian Dury (and the Blockheads, their big hit was Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick), it's a warts and all exploration of Dury's many foibles and passion for music.

Serkis is great and the main reason to watch it, in spite of the film going down the more traditional biopic route.

Live Moto GP of Aragon BT Sport 2 HD, 9.30am

It's another packed schedule of motorbike action with Moto3 at 9.30am, Moto2 at 11.15am and the main course of MotoGP starting at 12.30pm.

Marc Martinez is still the outright leader of the championship after 13 rounds, but the last race in Misano was a very disappointing one. Languishing all the way back in 15th place, old favourite Valentino Rossi stormed to victory. A sign of things to come?

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