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The Week in HD - Tuesday 19th March

Hi everyone, welcome back to The Week in HD - our guide to all the must-see hi-def TV shows, films and sports for the next seven days. Apologies for being a day late - it was press day! - but not to worry, you haven't missed a single episode of this week's MasterChef (tonight, 8pm, BBC). Here's what else we're looking forward to this week:

Tuesday 19th March

Elementary - Sky Living HD - 9pm

The Deductionist. Holmes and Watson have to track down a serial killer who's escaped from hospital, leading an FBI profiler to join them on the case - who just happens to be Holmes's ex.

The Jonathan Ross Show - ITV HD - 10.35pm

On the show tonight are current Doctor Who star Matt Smith, no doubt promoting the new Series 7b airing end of March, along with Gavin and Stacey's Ruth Jones and Welsh rockers Stereophonics.

Wednesday 20th March

MasterChef - BBC1 HD - 8pm

MasterChef is back! And it's the normal non-pro one, with Greg Wallace, John Torode, and a bunch of amateur cooks hoping to impress with their culinary talents. Last week actually set quite a good standard - let's hope this week is just as dramatic and tasty.

Lightfields - ITV HD - 9pm

Following on from ITV's Marchlands, Lightfields is a supernatural drama focusing on three different families living in the same farmhouse in Suffolk across three time periods: 1944, 1975 and 2012, and the hauntings and tragic deaths that ensue. Already on the penultimate episode 4, we'd highly recommend ITV Player-ing it.

Castle - alibi HD - 9pm

After the Storm. If you've been following Castle, this is a big one. After four seasons of will-they-won't-they, Castle and Beckett finally gave in to their feelings in the finale. As season 5 premieres, they get to grips with their new-found relationship, but not before having to prevent an assassination attempt on a senator - that same senator who's responsible for the death of Beckett's mother.

Thursday 21st March

Italy v Brazil - ITV4 HD - 7.10pm

International friendly.

MasterChef - BBC1 HD - 8pm

Five more chefs face the palate and invention test, with three going through to take a busy shift at a restaurant to test their mettle.

Friday 22nd March

San Marino v England - ITV HD - 7.30pm

World Cup 2014 qualifier

QI - BBC1 HD - 10pm

Jumble. Another instalment from the J series, Stephen Fry and Alan Davies are joined by Jo Brand, John Sessions and Dara O'Briain to sift through a jumble of things.

Carnivale - Sky Atlantic HD - 10.15pm

The Day That Was The Day. As the first season of this mysterious and supernatural series comes to a close, we finally find out the secret of Ben's past. Ben, meanwhile, faces a life-and-death situation as to whether to save Ruthie from a snakebite, and comes face to face with the mysterious unseen entity, Management, for the first time.

Saturday 23rd March

Paul Hollywood's Bread - BBC HD - 5.30pm

Classic bread. Master Baker Paul Hollywood has his very own show devoted to the history and varieties of bread - seriously, there's more to bread than meets the eye! We start off slowly with just the basics of bread-making this episode, but it does show all the wonderful meals you can make out of a simple loaf.

The Time Traveller's Wife - 4 HD - 9pm

Based on Audrey Niffenegger's best-selling novel, this movie follows the love story of Henry and Clare, their meetings out of sync and their marriage tested as Henry is born with a genetic condition that causes him to time travel unpredictably. Tissues recommended.

Project Nim - BBC HD - 9.30pm

Documentary about an experiement to see if a chimpanzee could learn to communicate with language.

The Big Fat Quiz of the 90s - 4 HD - 11.05pm

Great late-night viewing if you've got nothing else to do; it may be a repeat, but still quite a lot of fun - especially if you're a '90s kid. Jimmy Carr hosts, with Phil Jupitus, Jack Whitehall, Cluadia Winkleman and Denies Van Outen joining in as panellists.

Sunday 24th March

Back to the Future - ITV2 HD - 7.40pm

Okay, so it's not strictly native HD, but having watched the Back to the Future trilogy again recently, I can't not encourage you put it on your weekend watching list. The start of one of the greatest trilogies ever, Marty and Doc fashion a time travelling machine out of a DeLorean and go back to 1955 for one thrilling adventure.

Best of Top Gear - BBC HD - 8pm

It's been a great series for Top Gear - from Vegas to Mexico and testing the new Kia Cee'd to that epic race from Wembley to San Siro in Milan, and venturing to discovering the true source of the Nile - we've loved every minute. And to relive it, here's a compilation of the best and funniest moments from Series 19. Meanwhile, in real time, Clarkson, May and Hammond are currently in New Zealand filming the next summer series.

Red - 4 HD - 9pm

Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman play a group of retired secret agents - who gather together to stop one of their kind from being assassinated by the CIA. It's daft and silly but heaps of fun when you have such a great cast interacting together. Also, Helen Mirren with a machine gun - need we say more?

'Til next week...

By Kashfia Kabir