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The Week in HD - Monday 10th February

Hello and welcome to The Week in HD, our guide to all the must-see high-definition TV shows, films, sports and Blu-ray releases to grace your screens over the next seven days.

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Monday 10th February

Captain Phillips- Blu-ray

Tense and exciting, Captain Phillips tells the story of the hijacking of the Maersk Alabama and its crew in Somali waters.

Despite fears that it would tell a one-sided (and American) view of the event, Paul Greengrass manages to deliver a film that shows both sides of a colossal divide.

Tom Hanks gives a fantastic performance as Captain Phillips and his opposing number, a Somali pirate called Muse (Barkhad Abdi), matches him stride for stride.

A great return to form for Greengrass after the stumble of Green Zone.

Filth - Blu-ray

Trainspotting writer Irvine Walsh's other novel makes it to the big screen with James Mcavoy taking the lead role of Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson in the black comedy Filth.

If the title doesn't already explain it, or even the mere mention of author Walsh's previous exploits on the big screen give an indication of what to expect; let's just say it is filled to brim with things you really, really, really shouldn't do if you value your health.


How I Live Now - Blu-ray

Starring the next great Irish (not British, certainly not British) actress, spellchecker nemesis Saiorse Ronan stars as an American girl who's sent to live with her aunt and cousins in the English countryside, only for a sudden outbreak of war to ruin her vacation. Damn.

Isolated and left to fend for themselves, they face an uphill struggle (literally and figuratively) to find their way home. Something of a cross-pollination between The Hunger Games and Twilight.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine E4 HD, 8pm

M.E. Time. The fourth episode of what's becoming a popular cop comedy, (in the US at least), M.E. Time sees Jake (Andy Samberg) meet an attractive medical examiner but, as he has a habit of doing, manages to annoy his colleagues when he tries to get her on a date.

Tuesday 11th February

Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid Sky Sports HD 2, 7pm

Copa Del Rey Semi Final, 2nd Leg. Real Madrid go into this second-leg with a three-goal lead against the nearest (but not dearest) neighbours with a chance to set up a (probable) final against Barcelona.

Newly crowned footballer of the year Cristiano Ronaldo is suspended but with Real overtaking Atletico in the league this will be a spicy encounter.

The Following Sky Atlantic HD, 10pm

Family Affair. After receiving some generally favourable reviews for the majority of its season one run, The Following is back for a second go-around with plenty of debauchery and grisly murders.

This time FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and his niece (!) try to solve the puzzle of serial killer Joe Carroll's (James Purefoy) return. In a show where people are dispatched in very violent ways, we most definitely wouldn't invite our niece to help solve murders.

The Walking Dead Fox HD, 10pm

After. Pretty much every season of The Walking Dead is a tale of misery and woe. While that's not a great reason to keep coming back to the series, the little glimpses of hope are certainly reason enough.

This time Rick (Andrew Lincoln) deals with some old wounds while a new threat to the surviving humans emerges.

Wednesday 12th February

Arsenal v Manchester United BT Sport HD 1, 7pm

Barclays Premier League. With Manchester United falling behind the pacesetters, Arsenal will want to cement their place in the top three by piling even more pressure on United manager David Moyes.

On the other hand, after Arsenal's heavy loss against Liverpool, United could stall Arsenal's title run and pull themselves back into contention for the last Champions League spot.

Ha! That last bit made us laugh.

Sleepy Hollow Universal HD, 9pm

Vessel. A welcome surprise hit. Sleepy Hollow shouldn't work but ends up doing exactly that. Vessel sees the season come into focus as it enters its final few episodes with Ichabod and Abbie attempting to defeat a minion named Ancitif.

It's still a bit strange to see Ichabod in ye olden day clothes. Buy some new ones!

Thursday 13th February

Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 BBC TWO HD, 1pm

Day 6, Part 3. A Winter Olympics that's sparked no small amount of controversy, day six continues the winter-themed activities. While we like to see Olympians participate at the highest level, there's a small part of us what would like to see one of the competitiors fall flat on their face.

It would make us feel better about our rather inadequate skating abilities.

Suits Dave HD, 9pm

Unfinished Business. Not seen Suits? Well, erm, neither have we but with most of the US shows on a mini-break, we can catch up with a few overlooked ones.

And while we won't bother going in to too much depth about the history of the show, it is another legal drama from the US, starring two actors who look quite alike and is apparently quite good.

An excellent summation if we do say so ourselves.

Friday 14th February

Enemy of State BBC Three HD, 9pm

Spend Valentine's Day inside and watch...a paranoid, conspiracy film which tells the story of a man who's constantly watched by surveillance systems (and Jack Black).

...perhaps this is not the best thing to watch. Unless you're into that sort of thing.

The Americans ITV 1 HD, 10:35pm

Mutually Assured Destruction. Or you can switch the channel and watch repeats of the fantastic new (but now old) episodes of The Americans. It stars a married couple who – wait for it – are secretly Russian covert agents looking to undermine and exploit the Reagan administration.

Perfect Valentine's Day viewing!

Saturday 15th February

Manchester City v Chelsea ITV 1 HD, 5:15pm

FA Cup 5th Round. The two best teams in the country get set to duke it out two weeks after their last battle.

The last time Chelsea triumphed but City will looking for revenge and a little confidence boost against Jose's "Little Horse" of a team.

Top Gear BBC TWO HD, 8pm

Episode 2/7. Top Gear is back. Well actually it came back last week, but now it's back on a Saturday.

Despite the change the series still gets up to its crazy antics, featuring Italian sports cars, military manoeuvres and a trip to Belgium.

Sunday 16th February

Oblivion Sky Movies: Sci-Fi & Horror HD, 11:15am

Overrated, underrated? A pastiche of other sci-fi films or a fresh, thoughftul take on the sci-fi genre. Oblivion has been labelled a lot of things and we'll come down the side of liking it.

While it isn't original and the ending is a bit "huh, what?", there's more than enough to sate any casual or hardcore sci-fu nut. There's a great score by French rock band M83/Joseph Trapanese and the film (shot with Sony's high-def cameras) looks amazing.

It might not be everyone, but it's really worth a watch.

Arsenal v Liverpool BT Sport 1 HD, 3:30pm

FA Cup 5th Round. FA Cup weekend continues with another huge clash and another rematch of a recent game. Arsenal took an absolute shellacking at Anfield, four goals down in just over 20 minutes.

Arsenal will not want to bear witness to a repeat of that but in the midst of a schedule that takes in games against Manchester United and Bayern Munich, this is an important game for Arsene Wenger's men.

'Til next time...

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