Movie apps offer full-length films plus bonus content and social features

Now here's an interesting twist on mobile app development: Warner Bros has just launched bespoke film apps of Inception and The Dark Knight on Apple's App Store.

But these aren't mere ordinary iPhone/iPad apps. Oh no. Warner describes them as "a fully-loaded, connected viewing experience".

Both offer the full-length film along with bonus content and special features. Although the apps are free to download, there's a one-off in-app payment of £5.99 to unlock the films, which can be downloaded to the app or streamed.

For now, the apps will only work with Apple's iOS operating system. They've been launched in 30 countries, with more film apps to follow. 

"In 2011, Warner Bros will release a full slate of App Editions including new release and back catalogue films," says Thomas Gewecke, president of the studio's Digital Distribution division.

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The Dark Knight includes a trivia game, a soundboard and art gallery, while Inception bundles in five music tracks from composer Hans Zimmer.

Both apps tap into social networks too, allowing fans to post quotes on Twitter and Facebook, while seeing a feed of what people are saying about the films.

Interestingly, Inception costs £9.99 as a conventional video download from the iTunes store, and The Dark Knight £6.99, so the apps are cheaper.

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