VBox to launch TV-Gateway network 'streamer' for smart devices

The TV-Gateway will be available for €129 from VBox's retail website, which works out at around £104. It'll let you receive such high-definition TV services including Freeview HD in the UK.

So how does it work? The device receives broadcast TV signals from terrestrial sources and turns them into internet protocol signals in your home, while streaming multiple TV channels over your network.

That means the TV-Gateway can be used with tech products including smart TVs; mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets; Android set-top boxes; games consoles; or desktop PCs and Macs.

Amir Aharonovich, VP of Marketing for VBox Communications, said: "We are committed to providing consumers the highest quality multi-screen TV experience.

"Until now, TV viewers with access to high-quality aerial or terrestrial DVB-T2 could only enjoy HDTV on their television. Now, our second generation devices extend the same content – in full broadcast quality – to any connected device."

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