UPDATED: Sonos adds 'stereo pair' mode to ZonePlayer S5

sonos stereo pair mode

Posted 07.05.10: If the room-filling abilities of the excellent Sonos ZonePlayer S5 speaker system aren't enough for you, the next Sonos software release will allow you to use pairs of S5s as stereo speakers, designating them as left and right for even better performance.

The capability, revealed to us by European PR Manager Fiede Schillmoeller, allows owners of multiple S5s to select which will carry left channel and which right, rather than each speaker system providing one-box stereo as it does as standard.

The idea is that users will be able to move the highly-portable systems around the house or even into the garden, using two to give stereo when required, then returning them to standalone zone mode later.

When paired, the two speakers are synchronised to avoid any latency problems, and the volume control on either will also adjust the level of its partner.

The pairing is all done using the Sonos controller or via the iPod Touch/iPhone app, and will be made available this month as part of the free version 3.2 release, which will also provide crossfade play functionality and improved alarm operation.

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