Trailers of the Week: Best new releases – 6th March

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Avengers: Age of Ultron

The final trailer for the Age of Ultron is upon us and it sets up a superhero smackdown between the Avengers and Ultron (with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver tagging along).

IMAX tickets for the film are now on sale.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is out in cinemas 22nd April, 2015

Orphan Black: Series 3

Last week we saw a snippet of the opening episode; this week we have a full trailer for the third series of Orphan Black, which shows more of the male clones (played by Ari Millen).

There's no release date in the UK for the third series but history says to expect it to come out in late April.

Community Series 6

The sixth series Community (can you believe it?) is almost here and this trailer has a decidedly Age of Ultron feel.

A number of cast members have left, but with Dan Harmon still at the helm we're expecting a solid season of laughs. In the US the series is being shown on Yahoo Screen (no, us neither) but in the UK it will be on Sony Entertainment Television.

Community will go pop, pop, pop on 18th March, 2015

Mr Holmes

Gandalf, Sir Ian McKellen is back on the big screen and he's playing a role tailor made for him.

He takes on the mantle of Sherlock Holmes in his later years as he looks back on his life – specifically an unsolved case involving a beautiful woman.

What are the odds he'll solve the one case that's eluded him all these years?

Mr. Holmes is out in cinemas on 19th June, 2015

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