Too Human: Vikings, guns, robots and repetition.

Too Human’s mix of action and RPG elements should make it the best of both worlds, instead it doesn’t have quite enough of either

To be a great RPG, a game must have a deep, interactive story, full of interesting characters and an original setting. Although Too Human’s mix of sci-fi and Norse mythology is inspired, it’s given too little depth and is populated by irritating, arrogant characters that are impossible to empathise with.

To be a great actioner, a game has to have vast depth and variety in combat, but Too Human’s mix of frantic shooting and swordplay, though initially exciting, loses its appeal after a few hours of smashing-up repetitive enemies in repetitive environments. The online co-op mode introduces lots more depth and enjoyment, but the cutscenes aren’t included.

The extremely deep loot-collecting and character-upgrading will keep some players enthralled, but for many gamers, Too Human’s appeal is likely to wear off before they’ve reached the end of the entirely linear story. You can see our full review at The Leisure Lab.