Too hot for the August issue?

Ah, the joys of editing, writes Clare Newsome. There are you are, perfecting the cover of the August issue (in shops today - see latest issue tab over on the right there for all the details) and you decide to add a story on the bottom about a particularly hot product.

That product is Picture House's new range of TV fireplaces - where your choice of LCD or plasma TV (up to 50in) rises up when you want to watch more than the fire or the family snapshots.

There are all sorts of fireplace designs available - from stone-look to luxury marble - with an equally diverse selection of fires to choose from.

Picture House's Mystic fireplace rises to the occasion

They're not cheap (think four figures), but then neither is a decent fireplace surround + plasma wall-mount solution - which is far less neat. And not nearly as sci-fi.

A further hunt around on Picture House's website - - reveals yet more TV options to help release your inner Austin Powers, including end-of-bed TV cabinets and ottomans.

Sadly, you won't read about them in the August issue, as in the week between the cover going to printers and the News page in question following suit, our lovingly crafted pictures (along with, appropriately enough, our cool) went AWOL.

But fear not, Picture House has supplied the shot here, and you'll also be able to see its cabinets in action at the What Hi-fi? Sound and Vision Show in November - all the details at

Next issue's cover stories, pictures and copy are being stored in a safe under my desk....

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