Soundmagic unveils HP150 and P30S headphones

The HP150 sport a closed back design and include 5.3cm precision tuned drivers, while the backs of the ear pieces are covered in rubber to further help achieve noise isolation.

Your ears will almost certainly welcome the 10cm plush protein leather pads, while a steel-reinforced, padded headband arcs over the top. Metal and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) materials have been used to create a lightweight design.

Soundmagic says its HP150 'phones sound "present, exciting and open whilst retaining excellent detail and stereo imaging".

The HP150 headphones - now available at a cost of £170 - come with a travel case, 6.35mm jack adaptor, flight adaptor, cleaning cloth and a carabiner hook.

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Meanwhile, the P30S feature an on-ear design and are an upgrade on and a successor to the P30s. With this new 'S' model, you'll find improved drivers; larger, softer earpads; a new rubberised finish; and a new internal damping system.

Soundmagic claims the new P30S headphones are able to deliver "powerful but well balanced bass and a midrange [that] is quick with unbelieveable detail". The added 'S' refers to their ability to be used with smartphones - a feature we've seen on the award-winning Soundmagic E10S in-ear headphones.

A microphone and multi-function button can now be found along the cable and a smart switch on the jack connector, which makes the P30S compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung, Sony Xperia and Nokia smartphones.

The Soundmagic P30S are available now for £70.

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