sitecom wl-330
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New £70 WL-330 doubles as network repeater and Ethernet bridge

If you're streaming your music wirelessly round your home, or simply want to hook up a Blu-ray Disc player with an Ethernet port to your home network, the new WL-330 from Sitecom is designed to do the job.

The £70 unit is a Wireless Network Range Extender, designed to cover any wi-fi ‘dead spots' around the house, between floors or even out into the garden, and is compatible with 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n networks.

It can act as a simple repeater, receiving and rebroadcasting data or, using its Ethernet port, be used to connect devices such as BD players to the network.

It's designed for simple installation, and comes complete with Sitecom's 10-year guarantee.

Also new from Sitecom is the WL-331 Wireless Access Point, designed to add wi-fi capability to any wired network. It also sells for £70.