SHOW NEWS: Humax Foxsat-HDR Freesat PVR goes on sale mid-November for £299

Humax Foxsat-HDR

It can record up to 80 hours of high-definition content, or 200 hours of standard-definition material, on its 320GB hard drive.

There are some nifty functions on the eight-day electronic programme guide. Select a BBC or ITV programme to record in standard-definition and the EPG will flag up if it's available on HD too. And if any of your recordings clash, it will tell you if one of the programmes is broadcast at an alternative time.

Users can also search for particular types of programme using the 'Find' function, and fast forward the EPG by two hours or two days at the click of a button.

So what about ITV HD via the red button, you ask? Well, if you select a programme to record on ITV HD, the Humax will automatically select the red button stream when the recording starts. You don't need to do it yourself.

An ethernet socket on the back of the unit could be used for a future upgrade to provide compatibility with the BBC iPlayer, says a Humax spokesman.

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