Sharp unveils two very affordable Dolby Atmos soundbars

Sharp unveils two very affordable Dolby Atmos soundbars
(Image credit: Sharp)

Dolby Atmos surround sound has become more accessible in recent years thanks to its implementation in soundbars, and while Atmos soundbars are no longer exclusive to high price tags, Sharp's two latest entries into the market could be among the cheapest out there.

Sharp's 5.1.2-channel, 570-watt HT-SBW800 (£449 (opens in new tab)) complements a centre speaker and pair of side-firing drivers with two upward-firers that are designed to deliver the height effect of Atmos by bouncing sound off the ceiling towards the listener. 

The 440-watt HT-SBW460 (£299 (opens in new tab)), meanwhile, sports a 3.1-channel speaker arrangement but, as you may expect for the price, doesn't feature upward-firing drivers. Instead, it aims to create a sense of virtual height through processing trickery – which should make a difference over non-Atmos soundbars but in our experience won't stand up to those with actual upward-firers.

Both soundbars come with a wireless subwoofer to bring more brunt to the system, and the headline Dolby Atmos feature is backed by vast connectivity. There's three 4K-supporting HDMI ports (two inputs, one output) in addition to optical, coaxial, USB and aux inputs and Bluetooth.

The HT-SBW800 and HT-SBW460 are available now from Amazon.


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