SuperKord cable
'SawyersDisc Technology' is at the heart of better interference rejection

New from Russ Andrews Accessories is the SuperKord Classic-SD mains cable, the first to use a new strategy to further improve the rejection of radio frequency interference.

Developed by Dr Craig Sawyers and Ben Duncan, the new cable combines the familiar woven geometry of the PowerKord cables with a new method of terminating each conductor at the plugs, using series of perforated discs – the SawyersDisc Technology.

This, it's said, gives 'smoother and more even [interference] rejection across a wider range of frequencies, which is also many times deeper and clearly measurable'.

Improved damping is also applied to the mains plug, the Wattgate 350i Ag IEC connectors, and the Sawyers Discs, the whole package giving what MD Russ Andrews says is 'the most significant development in mains cable technology since we launched our woven PowerKords back in 1986.'

A one-metre Russ Andrews SuperKord Classic-SD cable costs £350.

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