Resident Evil 5 – the wrong kind of fearless

We’ve finished our first run through the gorgeous Resident Evil 5 and while we’ve loved every action-packed second it has to be said there’s something missing: the chills.

Even when the last instalment, Resi 4, opted for more action and less horror it still included a few scuttling bugs and invulnerable chainsaw-wielding peasants to make your skin crawl, while the earlier versions built their reputation on an implacable horde of slowly advancing zombies and limited ammo. In Resi 5, however, these tension building tricks are lost among the hordes of highly athletic zombies running at you full pelt.

While the switch from survival horror to action horror has cost Resi 5 its fear factor, the action packed story and beautiful graphics go a long way towards compensating for the losss, and the game’s newly introduced co-op mode really shines. You can watch our full Resident Evil 5 review at The Leisure Lab.