Qualcomm is reportedly preparing to launch a brand-new video streaming dongle that'll see the company go up against the likes of Google's Chromecast and Roku's Streaming Stick.

According to SlashGear, its new dongle – thought to be called the Qualcomm 4K Streaming Adapter – is based on the Snapdragon 800 processor and will be powered by Android.

In addition to its Ultra HD 4K capabilities, the new Qualcomm dongle will have a range of bang up-to-date connectivity options, including wi-fi and LTE Broadcast.

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LTE Broadcast is different to 4G in the sense that it adopts a "one-to-many approach" when transmitting, as opposed to "one-to-one", allowing streaming to multiple devices.

In fact, SlashGear revealed that Qualcomm has pretty much packed a high-end smartphone into the 4K Streaming Adapter – without, as you might imagine, the touchscreen and battery.

The design appears to be a striking red casing and a compact size, much like the Chromecast. But it's more likely to be the specs and that 4K support that will give Google and Roku a run for their money. 

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[via SlashGear]