Over 50,000 records were destroyed including a rare LP of David Bowie's 'The Man Who Sold The World', individually valued at around £800.

A record collection found in a flooded basement in Manchester has been valued at £1 million, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Among the destroyed collection of vinyl was a rare original LP of David Bowie's The Man Who Sold The World, of which a mint condition copy can sell for between £500 and £800.

Collectors and local vinyl enthusiasts rushed to the scene to try and salvage some of the collection, which was removed from the building last week and is now thought to have once the biggest vinyl collection in the country.

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A friend of George, Colin White, found 90 copies of the single Just Wanna Dance by Salford band Fast Cars - each of which could have sold for around £150 - although many of them were damaged.

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The owner of the collection, George Davenport, won a court case against his former landlord after flooding ruined 50,000 records. He has now moved to a new base and is rebuilding his collection - this time on CD.

The What Hi-Fi? team hopes that the records are being played in a better place...

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I remember

seeing this guy on Granada Reports (I live not too far from Mcr) and even then thought what a magnificent, diverse, probably irreplaceable immense collection. But in a cellar?? It just shows what a fragile medium vinyl is in every respect, and all that artwork; I wish George all the very best in his huge quest to rebuild his collection in any format available..but please, George, somewhere safe! (a cool concrete bunker springs to mind).

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Submerged Records

While the jackets are gone, and perhaps the label is water damaged, it's not difficult to save and restore such records. I videod the fix using a hand held steamer, and then recorded and posted the audio and you'd like how it sounds.