Promoted: Dynaudio – digital music without the quality trade-off

We’re used to compromising in our digital lives. When we cram 10,000 songs onto an MP3 player, we understand it’ll be convenient, but far from perfect. And if you want wireless audio, we’re expected to grab a Bluetooth speaker and pretend we’re happy with its tinny sound.

But there is another way, and high-res audio is here to change all that. Dynaudio, pioneers when it comes to delivering totally lossless audio, is leading the charge – and delivering this superior sound wirelessly.

Dynaudio – the Danish company behind legendary studio loudspeakers – has channelled its considerable audio knowledge to create a new benchmark for high-end wireless audio. Dynaudio’s Focus XD range introduced the world to the very first wireless high-end loudspeaker, and the range brings all the technical genius of the company’s studio equipment, delivering Dynaudio’s traditionally razor-sharp, rich sound.

Its beauty lies in keeping things simple and minimising the way you listen to music to the two essentials: advanced speakers and an audio source. So in your house you can listen to your music whenever you want, in whichever room you want, and from any source – all without a wire in sight.

High-end quality

Most streaming services and digital music stores offer ‘lossy’ music files – songs that have been encoded to a digital format in a way that reduces their file size, losing detail and quality along the way.

CDs offer sampling rates (the number of times per second that the analogue audio wave is sampled to create the digital file) of 44.1kHz, at 16-bit. The bits represent the accuracy at which the sample is taken. Compare that to the sampling rate on a high-res file such as FLAC: with vital stats of 96kHz at 24-bit. The leap in quality is astonishing, putting crummy MP3s, which are vastly inferior even to CDs, in the shade.

Delivering this kind of quality wirelessly is a challenge all of its own, but Dynaudio’s Focus XD range can achieve 96kHz at 24-bit without wires. The versatile Dynaudio Connect sits at the heart of the Focus XD system, broadcasting wireless, high-resolution audio to its satellite speakers. It has a range of up to 20 metres (more in more open spaces) and can handle top-quality, lossless audio from a range of sources from humble 3.5mm audio jacks to USB, RCA, and optical and coaxial digital. The Hub eliminates cable interference and timing problems, and creates a home audio system that’s clutter free, flexible and sleek. Welcome to the future.

Quality with convenience

It’s not reserved for the audio expert either. These loudspeaker units are simply for anyone who wants their music to sound like the band or musician is playing right in front of you. It’s easy to set-up and use, too. The Auto Play feature automatically recognizes what music source you’re playing, so there’s no cycling through input channels to find the right source, and a new Focus XD visual interface makes using the speaker as easy as playing the kazoo (trust us, it’s easy).

So, if you thought you had to choose between convenience and quality, think again. Dynaudio’s Focus XD range delivers spine-tingling audio quality without wires, so you can kiss those old digital compromises goodbye.