Is Netflix's new Profile Transfer feature the beginning of the end for password sharing?

Password share on Netflix? The new Profile Transfer feature is aimed at you
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has been threatening to crack down on password sharing for some time now, and now it’s laying the groundwork with its latest feature. Profile Transferlets you transport your Netflix details like viewing history and recommendations to a new account, so you won’t have to start from scratch.

Netflix is selling this as a way to keep your Netflix experience consistent even if your circumstances change, such as you break up from a partner with whom you were sharing an account or move out of your family home.

But it’s also paving the way for the streaming giant to make more money. Netflix estimates over 100 million households are accessing the service through shared accounts. If each of those people signed up to their own Netflix account, that would generate significant revenue for the company.

So how does it work? You’ll get an email when Profile Transfer becomes available on your account. Head to the 'Transfer Profile' option from your profile icon in the dropdown menu of the homepage, then just follow the instructions.

Netflix has been testing this feature since March in select countries, but now it’s rolling out to users worldwide.

The move comes ahead of Netflix’s ad-supported tier, which launches next month. This is another way the ailing streaming giant is hoping to reverse its fortunes and make some more money.


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