NEWS: Tories to call for all electrical goods to have auto switch-off as part of green initiative

The Conservative Party will this week call for all electrical goods to be fitted with special devices to switch off standby power as part of its plans to tackle global warning.

According to yesterday's Observer, the 'Quality of Life' report will suggest that a future Tory Government should set a date by which time all electrical goods would have to be able to switch themselves off.

"All new electrical items will require a functionality that switches them off after a specified period, rather than remaining on standby," the report says.

It will single out flatscreen TVs as products that consume too much power.

But as we've previously reported, the issue of banning standby on electrical goods is not as straightforward as the politicians seem to think.

Dixons' call for standby to be abolished on electrical goods earlier this year caused controversy among manufacturers of consumer electronics.

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Andy Clough

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