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NEWS: Atlas disc to burn-in and demagnetise your system

Now available from Atlas Cables retailers is this Burn-in and Demagnetising Disc, designed to give your system a thorough work-out while also running-in new components.

Selling for £10, the disc carries an 11-minute track of what sound like tones rising and falling in frequency, laid over a continuous noise - not exactly a relaxing listen, but apparently 'calculated mathematically to correspond to definite criteria for frequency content and rates of change of frequency and amplitude'.

Atlas says the idea is that you leave the disc on repeat for several hours to burn-in and demagnetise your system, and in particular cables: 'The choice of the signals on this CD is partly inspired by the tones from cast bells which, as with cables, undergo significant changes in their metallurgy or dynamic modulus over a period of time.

'It is the way which these perfectly symmetrical signals fade to zero that removes the magnetisation that builds up in components during the reproduction of music because of the asymmetric nature and sudden stops and starts of real music audio signals.'