New Pro-Ject record cleaner keeps your vinyl healthy for longer

Every vinyl fan should take care of their records, but even the most meticulous of us can't entirely avoid a build-up of debris getting into the grooves of your favourite disc - which means your music doesn't sound as pristine as it should.

Pro-Ject has a way of fixing that: the VC-S MK II. This is an upgrade to the original VC-S record-cleaning machine, which came out last year - though there are still a fair few similarities between the two.

The vacuum technology remains the same - a record can be dried in two rotations - but the motor has been replaced by a lower-noise variant that's also capable of dual-directional rotation. This means you should get a deeper cleaning of the groove.

The stainless steel clamp has also been redesigned, with Pro-Ject saying this makes for a more reliable fastening to the spindle. An improved plastic flange is the final major change, with additional internal sealing to ensure a smoother adjustment of the vacuum arm.

Doing the actual cleaning is Pro-Ject’s Wash-IT liquid - a measure is capable of cleaning 1500 records once it's been diluted with water. The fluid has been designed to evaporate without leaving any residue on the record, so your sound quality should stay safe.

The Pro-Ject VC-S MK II is available now, priced at £350.


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