New look What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision: exclusive preview

From Wednesday 6th May, you’ll be able to buy our new-look June issue. If you're a subscriber, you’ll get it this weekend. But what’s so important about the new design?

The new look isn’t all about the odd splash of colour here and there of course – there are enhanced versions of your favourite sections and some completely new ones altogether.

The important thing to remember is that nothing has been lost – you’ll get more reviews, photos, words and a magazine that’s simply easier to use. That means a clearer contents page, introduction pages to review sections and Sound Advice is now a fully fledged letters page which relies on your forum questions.

News also takes into account what we do online and pulls the facts and your thoughts into the article and discusses the big stories in detail.

Finally, there's a new Playlist section that covers films, music and games and a new back page called 'I remember when...' which looks at old tech and revives an old issue cover and advert from that year. In the case of the new issue, that year is 1979 and kicks off with a look back at the first ever Sony Walkman.

There are new splashes of colour of course (art bods insist on them) but, most importantly, we’ve taken care to show you kit in the way you want to see it. Want to see the valves inside an amp? No problem. Want to know what the CD tray looks like on a new luxury player? We’ve got that covered too.

And the mix of new photography always shows kit in the best possible way and in context, reflecting how it will look in your home. Finally, there’s the odd helpful icon which will tell you if a review has a companion video review or podcast discussion online.

You’ve already seen the cover (above) so here are a few new-look pages and some snaps of the new issue rolling off the printing press last week in Cornwall…

First Test intro, with added contents list on left and new panel...

Huge news opener with exclusive photography and your feedback

Supertest with bold new colours and new photography throughout

Group Test opener with new icons, more words and smaller borders...

Playlist - for all your music, movie and game reviews...

Sound Advice = more queries from the forum, with expert advice by one of the test team

Managing Editor Jonathan Evans examines the final pages...

Whizzzzzz! The issue goes to print at supersonic speeds.

The pages fly around the printing press like a scene from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory