Two years after launching its 4K-supporting Fire TV, Amazon could be set to unveil not one but two new 4K HDR streamers.

Just as Apple is expected to officially announce its new 4K HDR Apple TV at its annual iPhone event, rumours appear concerning two forthcoming Amazon Fire TV devices capable of 4K HDR video at 60fps. 

According to AFTVnews, one will be in the form of a dongle – from the image above, it looks like a square version of the Google Chromecast – and will sit above the existing (non-4K, non-HDR) Fire TV Stick. The dongle will reportedly draw power via microUSB, have an HDMI socket to connect to your display, and feature 2GB of RAM and 8GB of built-in storage.

Above that will be a new flagship Fire TV 4K box. The flagship model, which looks set to have a traditional set-top box shape, will reportedly have Alexa voice control integration thanks to integrated far-field microphones, a built-in speaker and an LED light bar common to Amazon’s Alexa devices, and much like the Echo wireless speaker

While some newer Fire TV models have Alexa built-in and can be controlled via Amazon’s Echo speakers, the new flagship sounds like a more comprehensive, autonomous option. For one, the built-in speaker means it doesn’t have to rely on your TV being on to work.

The article suggests the box will feature an IR emitter that allows it to control TVs and other AV kit, so you’ll be able to power on your display and change volume and inputs with the sound of your voice. It could also have the mute, action and volume keys found on the Echo Dot.

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With the current Fire TV Stick costing £40, and the current Fire TV priced at £80, we can perhaps expect the dongle streamer to sit between those two figures. As for the flagship Amazon 4K box, we should at least soon know what ballpark it’ll have to be to be in to compete with Apple’s upcoming TV box...

Image credit: AFTVnews

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