Logic3 i-Station25
Here's an iPod dock with a twist - literally. The i-Station25 can be flipped sideways for a better view of videos and images, as well as working in standard portrait mode

Hot-on-the-heels of the Fatman-esque valve dock, the Valve80, Logic3 has released the versatile i-Station25 for iPod and iPhone.

Priced at £69, the unit's USP is its ability to be turned on its side for horizontal as well as vertical viewing. The speakers' 'accelerometer technology' tells the machine which mode it's in, ensuring the correct left and right channels are in place.

The device is 'Works for iPhone' compatible, so you won't suffer from any interference issues when using the iPhone or iPhone 3G.

There are four 40mm drivers in all with 8 watts of power per channel, plus a 3.5mm line input and a video output for watching content on a larger screen.

The i-Station25 can be powered by four AA batteries or mains power, and will charge your iPod as you listen, too. A remote control is also supplied.

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Out now, Logic3's i-Station 25 will set you back around £69.