Loewe launches Reference home entertainment system

Loewe Reference

The Loewe Reference system comprises an unbelievably thin 52in LCD screen with two wafer-thin speakers, a subwoofer and Loewe's Reference Mediacenter.

The separate Reference Mediacenter unit plays DVDs, CDs, "iPods" – we're guessing this means an iPod dock – and includes a 500GB hard disk drive.

You have the option of positioning the entire system on a floor stand or "a single aluminium polished gate", which coupled with the motorised swivel allows for perfect positioning.

Loewe's Assist Media remote control has a 2.4in OLED display, which should make operation smooth and simple.

And it doesn't end there. Not content with a home audit from your Loewe dealer prior to installation, customers will also get access to a dedicated homeowner helpline, liaison with architects and designers and help should you move house and want your system to come, too.

No news on pricing as yet but the system should be in Loewe stores, Harrods and Selfridges by October.