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LG's 2019 OLED TVs are getting Nvidia G-sync technology

LG's 2019 OLEDs are getting Nvidia G-Sync technology
(Image credit: LG)

LG's already great 2019 OLEDs have just become a little more attractive to PC gamers, thanks to the announcement that Nvidia G-sync support is on the way via a software update.

For those not in the know, G-sync is Nvidia's answer to AMD's FreeSync, with both technologies designed to match, in realtime, the refresh rate of your display to the frame rate being output by the source. Unlike a film or TV show, a game's frame rate can vary pretty drastically from moment to moment and, by synching the display to this, performance can be made significantly smoother.

Unfortunately, the only people who will benefit from the addition of G-sync are PC gamers with Nvidia graphics cards. On the other hand, FreeSync (which is supported by Samsung's 2019 QLEDs) is of benefit to Xbox One gamers as well as PC gamers with AMD graphics cards.

Still, for that sub-section of gamers, this will be exciting news. LG is promising that the update will be made available "in the weeks to follow", with the C9, and E9 both set to get it. The entry-level B9 misses out, though.