ISOL-8 goes transmodal to deliver better power to home cinemas

New from ISOL-8 is the £369 PowerLine 1080, which the company describes as a 'Transmodal Audio/Video Home Cinema Power Conditioner'.

It explains that different system components require various levels of filtering, and so the sections of the unit each provide their own mix of mains cleaning to suit the items they supply.

The first outlet is designed to feed displays, and thus filters out frequencies likely to affect HD and SD video signals, and removes the noise generated by the display's power supply, so it doesn't affect other system components.

Outlets two and three are meant for source components such as Blu-ray and DVD players, and have 'high-performance mains noise filtration' and a noise-killing choke on the earth line.

The final outlet is designed for amplifiers and receivers, and uses a single-pole non-invasive shunt filter, allowing direct connection of the live and neutral connectors to the load. This is said to attenuate noise without impacting on peak current delivery.

The unit has a rigid, non-magnetic and non-resonant chassis, an anodised 6mm thick aluminium top-plate and silver-plated copper internal wiring. The input is via an IEC connector, and each power outlet is protected by a hinged cover.

Handmade in the UK, the ISOL-8 PowerLine 1080 comes with a five-year guarantee.

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