IFA NEWS: Sony unveils new WALKMAN range of multmedia players

Sony NWZ-S630

The flagship S Series was unleashed today, with the NWZ-S630F and NWZ-S730F at the helm. A seriously slim chassis is still the order of the day, with the new 'video MP3' players being just 7.5mm thin.

Eye-catching specifications include 40 hours of battery life for listening to music and some 10 hours of time when it comes to watching video content.

A 2in QVGA colour screen is your window in to the S Series players, boasting a claimed 30 frames per second video playback for smooth scrolling motion.

Drag and drop software is supplied allowing simple transfer of your music, videos, podcasts and playlists from iTunes - though there's no support for DRM-protected tunes. WMV video files with DRM are supported however.

The WALKMAN S series will also aim to match your music to your mood. Based on Sony's '12 Tone Analysis' technology and 'LCMIR (Low-Complexity Music Information Retrieval)' technology, SensMe™ Channels analyse your music collection, suggesting playlists based on each song's speed, mood and rhythm.

The NWZ-S730F series also features a 3-way noise-cancelling system to remove unwanted background noise when you're out and about or travelling.

The E Series is available in a choice of four colour finishes, and still feature the 2in colour screen, video and audio playback, long life battery and simple iTunes-friendly music loading.

The B series is the entry-level stick-style MP3 player, connecting directly to your computer's USB connection and using a drag and drop interface for loading content. This model also gives you an FM radio and a one-touch 'bass boost' button.

Expect to see the new WALKMAN players in stores from October, while you can pre-order online from the Sony Style store from September.