If you've got a PSP then you can avoid Christmas TV this year by enjoying some of the new content available to download on GO!VIEW instead

If you'd rather not sit through the EastEnders Christmas Special, another viewing of The Snowman or even the Queen's Speech, then how about downloading some fresh content to your PSP instead?

The admittedly slightly annoyingly-named GO!VIEW service from Sony and BSkyB allows PSP owners to download a variety of old and new content to their PSP portables.

From the new version of Battlestar Gallactica to the original A-Team, GO!VIEW has hours of content available, with other highlights including Lost, Heroes and I'm Alan Partridge. Users can also rent movies through the site.

Head over to the site now for a free thirty-day trial of the service. Normal charges range according to the package you buy, from £5 per month for one, two packs for £8 or all three packs for £10.

Rental TV is available from £1.50 per episode or from £2.50 for a movie. Check out the site here for more information. 

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