Google Pixel 6 could charge almost twice as fast, according to leaks

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Just when you thought there was hardly anything left to reveal about the Google Pixel 6 ahead of its (probable) 19th October launch, there's been yet another leak revealing a potential new feature — faster charging.

These rumours initially began when 91mobiles claimed that the Pixel 6 will support 33-watt wired charging following leaked photos of 33-watt power bricks at Google HQ. Now, the folks at XDA Developers have spotted a filing made to Taiwan's NCC regulatory body which states that the Pixel 6 supports 15, 18, 27, and 33-watt charging speeds.

While faster than the 20-watt "fast charging" speeds of the new iPhone 13, the Pixel 6's new charging speed would still pale in comparison to handsets from the likes of OnePlus and Xiaomi, which boast charging speeds of 65 watts and above. Still, considering that no Pixel phone has ever supported more than 18-watt charging speeds, it'll still be a welcome boost for diehard Pixel fans.

It's worth noting that the Pixel 6 is likely to follow the trend of not including a power brick in the box, which means you'll more than likely need to fork out extra cash for the rumoured 33-watt charger. If you fancy ditching the wires then there have also been reports of 23-watt wireless charging support too.

Check out out guide on everything we know about the Google Pixel 6 for more info, and we'll keep our eyes open for any more news ahead of its official launch.


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