Get yourself an Ultimate Earful with the 700 earphones

Ultimate Ears 700

The company claims the 'phones will allow you to 'enjoy the same kind of sound quality already enjoyed by 75 percent of the world's touring artists'.

And not just any touring artists, oh no, we're talking The Killers, Green Day, Fall Out Boy and, err, Leona Lewis. Hey, she's sold a sackful of records despite all that bleeding.

Out now, the noise-isolating in-ear ‘phones are yours for £150, and come complete with a choice of three soft-silicone ear cushions and one set of Comply foam cushions.

Logitech claims the custom fit provides passive noise-isolation of up to 26 dB, despite the earphones measuring-up smaller than a 5p piece each.

The Ultimate Ears 700 noise-isolating earphones should be available to buy any day from retailers including Amazon, Play, Micro Anvika, Advanced MP3 Players and Selfridges.