Classe CT-SSP
New line-up of processor and four power amps aimed at high-end home cinema installations

New from Canadian manufacturer Classé is a five-strong line-up of high-end home cinema components. The Custom Theatre Electronics range is aimed at top-level installations, and comprises a ten-channel preamp/processor, plus mono, stereo and five-channel power amps.

Distributed in Europe by Bowers & Wilkins, the range is based on the technology of Classé's Delta series, but is designed for custom installation use with new styling and a new cooling system for rack mounting.

This Intelligent Cooling Tunnel technology uses an aluminium bonded-fin heatsink of the kind more commonly used in medical and laser equipment, giving a surface area of almost three square meters.

This is designed for low thermal mass, giving rapid heating and cooling, and thus faster heat dispersion.

The faceplates, made from solid aluminium, has an offset central panel, creating a large hidden vent for the ICTunnel.

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The CT-SSP ten-channel preamp/processor is the company's SSP-800 in new clothing, and sells for £6950.

It offers Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio sources, the digital signal processing running on two Texas Instruments processors operating in 64-bit double precision and using floating point arithmetic for all audio signal calculations.

A five-channel power amp, the £7450 CT-5300, is designed to match the processor, with system expansion available using the stereo CT-2300 power amp at £5450 or the CT-M300 monobloc, at £4150.

Power output of all of these is 300W per channel.

Completing the range, which is on sale now, is the 600W CT-M600 monobloc amp, yours for £5450.

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