Samsung announces a 'new era' for TVs thanks to new technology and a new interface.

Claiming to redefine what TV is capable of in terms of brightness, contrast, detail and colour reproduction, Samsung launched its new SUHD range of TVs at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. The company states its latest range of televisions demonstrate 'ground-breaking' advances in performance, as well as being more eco-friendly than ever before.

Chief among the innovations described is the SUHD re-mastering engine, which automatically analyses the brightness of images to minimise additional power consumption while still delivering class-leading contrast levels. Images are claimed to enjoy twice the colour-adjustment points when compared to the company's previous TVs.

To underline the clean-sheet nature of these new screens, Samsung has refined its curved design into something the company is calling 'chamfer', with the intention of offering greater apparent depth to the picture. There are three series of SUHD TVs, in nine screen sizes ranging from 48in to 88in: JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500.

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Open-source interface

Samsung has also taken the opportunity to refresh the user interface of its TVs. All new sets (including the SUHD models) are now powered by Tizen, an open-source platform that supports the web standard for app development. Sharing content from Samsung mobile devices to the company's new TVs via Bluetooth Low Energy will be a matter of a single button-press.

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Some people, wrongly imo

Some people, wrongly imo dissed the new type of 3D

(which again imo and the whole family's, are agreed upon, is amazing to view)

and I am imagining the folks who liked this 3D will not like the curved screeens ..... WHY curve screens anyway...... a flat screen is better in a home for watching/viewing ?

I reckon that Samsung, much as I and family love them..... phones and TV's ...are and have made a BIG mistake with the curved screens ?