UVO system helps car company take digital TV reception on the road and bring haptic steering wheel controls for safer operation

While much of the mobile technology talk at CES 2010 has been to do with Ford's strengthening links with Microsoft, and the development of the SYNC system to bring in-car entertainment and internet access, the software giant has also been working with Korean car company Kia.

And the result is UVO – short for Your Voice – which uses Microsoft intelligent speech technology and Windows Embedded Auto software to allow voice- and hand-activated management of music files and communications.

It's all part of a five-year IT and technology program on the part of Kia, designed to bring safe and personalised in-car communications and entertainment. Other Kia innovations include:

– Touch-sensitive controls, soon to adopt Field Effect ASIC technology to give even greater flexibility of interior design

– Haptic steering-wheel controls giving tactile feedback and seven-mode operation of the vehicle audio system, allowing the system status to be monitored by touch alone

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– Telematics for improved information, and automated emergency response

– Live digital TV reception on the move, at speeds up to 180mph, using two new active antenna designs for the reception of data, communications and navigation information. One of these antennae is built into the rear view mirror housing; the other is the 'Unity External Shark Fin Antenna', offering nine-band reception

– Widget framework for RSS news and financial feeds, traffic and weather updates, and social networking systems such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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