Buy one of Samsung new 2022 QLED TVs, get £500 cashback

SamsungQN75QN900A: Buy one of Samsung new 2022 QLED TVs, get £500 cashback
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Samsung is offering up to £500 cashback to anyone who orders (or pre-orders) one of its 2022 Neo QLED, The Frame or The Serif TVs.

The company's 2021 Neo QLEDs won a number of five-star review from us at What Hi-Fi?, but Samsung has pushed the technology even further this year, boosting sonics with Object Tracking Pro.

To claim your cashback, you must buy from a participating retailer (the list includes Currys, Richer Sounds, John Lewis, etc) before 24th May 2022. You should also claim within 30-60 days of the purchase date. 

Ready to hit the cashback jackpot? Here are our favourite Neo QLED cashback deals...

Samsung QE55QN90B + £200 cashback £1899 at Currys

Samsung QE55QN90B + £200 cashback £1899 at Currys
Here's one of the most affordable ways to get your hands on Samsung's 2022 Neo QLED technology: a 55-inch 4K set with eight dedicated speakers built into the sides of the TV. Claim £200 cashback when you buy before 24th May 2022.

Samsung QE65QN900B + £500 cashback £5999 at Richer Sounds

Samsung QE65QN900B + £500 cashback £5999 at Richer Sounds
Want maximum cashback? Pre-order this 65-inch 8K HDR TV with twelve multi-directional speakers and grab £500 cashback in the process. The £500 cashback also applies to 75-inch and 85-inch models, if you can find them on sale.

Samsung QE75QN95B + £400 cashback £4499 at John Lewis

Samsung QE75QN95B + £400 cashback £4499 at John Lewis
Samsung's top of the range 4K Neo QLED for 2022 boasts 8 multi-directional speakers and a ton of high-end gaming features. The 75-inch model is available to pre-order now and comes with £400 cashback.

Cashback will be available from £100 to £500, with the amount typically dependent on the size of the set you order, going up in £100 increments from the 43-inch QN90B all the way up to the 85-inch QN900B.

The Samsung 2022 TV lineup features a number of Neo QLED TVs. These models feature Samsung's latest LED backlights, which use a new 'micro layer' that guides the light through the quantum dots (which provide the set's colours). The result is apparently no light leakage or blooming, and because the New LEDs are so much smaller, significantly more of them can be packed in, providing a sharper image.

All you have to do is make your claim within 30-60 days of purchase from a participating merchant to grab up to £500 cashback. In the case of pre-orders, there's no need to wait for the TV to be delivered. 


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