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Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Rafale gets Dynaudio Puccini sound system

Only the super rich need apply – Dynaudio has developed a bespoke in-car audio system, Puccini, for the new Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Rafale supercar.

It's not the first time Dynaudio has worked for Bugatti. We've already reported on a similar sytem it created for the Veyron Grand Sport.

For the Vitesse Rafale, Dynaudio had to deal with the fact that the car is a convertible, so required the performance to cope with the roof open or closed.

There are four Dynaudio drive units in the cabin, including two 17cm mid/bass drivers in the doors, using Magnesium-Silicate-Polymer cone material and ultra-light aluminium voice coils. A pair of 20mm soft-dome tweeters handle the higher frequencies.

There's 300W of amplification, with four individual power amps driving each of the speakers. The entire system has been 'acoustically optimised' by Dynaudio's engineers to work within the car's compact interior dimensions.

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