A round-up of stories to have graced What Hi-Fi? this week, including news of a Virgin Media 4K set-top box and reviews of impressive new products from Audio-Technica and Sony.

This week Virgin Media confirmed to What Hi-Fi? the existence of a new 4K set-top box, Pro-Ject launched a plug 'n' play turntable and Roksan will be revising its TR-5 S2 booskhelf speaker.

Elsewhere we had reviews of Sony's UHP-H1 multimedia player, Audio-Technica's AT-HA5050H headphone amp and Dali's Opticon 6 floorstander.

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Virgin Media confirms it will release a new 4K set-top box to rival Sky Q

Virgin Media has lagged behind its rivals when it comes to Ultra High Definition, but it plans to close the gap with the announcement of a new flagship 4K TiVo set-top box.

The box is expected to be an updated version of its current TiVo box, which first went on sale in 2011, with Virgin confirming to What Hi-Fi? that it'll be arriving later this year.

Virgin also said the existing TiVo box will be updated to make "its menus slicker and more picture-based".

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Pro-Ject launches Juke Box E all-in-one turntable

We've seen a number of plug 'n' play turntables on the market, and another will be joining their ranks in the form of Pro-Ject's Juke Box E.

It features Bluetooth connectivity, built-in amplification (so you can partner it with a pair of speakers), and a line output that "gives you the option of connecting it to a different system".

The Juke Box E will cost £299 and goes on sale later this year.

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Roksan TR-5 S2 speakers aim to improve on five-star K2s

Roksan's excellent K2 speakers are getting an upgrade.

The internal design and crossover will be updated, thanks to new voice coils, upgraded components and a revised printed circuit board.

The ribbon tweeter and custom-designed bass driver from the original S2 will stay the same.

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"This is one of the most talented multimedia players we’ve seen for the money"

Sony UHP-H1

The UHP-H1 defies easy categorisation. Is it just a Blu-ray player? No, it's much more than that.

It's a multimedia player that can handle just about anything you can throw at it (well, apart from 4K Blu-rays). There's support for hi-res audio, including SACD and DVD-Audio, music and movie streaming as well as 3D Blu-ray.

We expect Sony's Blu-ray players to produce great visuals, but the extra authority to the sound is unexpected, and makes for a more rounded performance.

This is one of the most talented multimedia players at this price, and we think it's terrific.

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"If you’re a headphone obsessive we can’t think of a better high-end amplifier"

Audio-Technica AT-HA5050H

Look at the price of this headphone amp (£4500) and you might faint. Once you've picked yourself up off the floor, you'll discover a beautiful piece of kit that's worth every penny.

Fine build quality is complemented by some lovely retro-styling. This amp is heavy, but you can tell it's built to last. As for sound quality, the presentation is a wonderfully organic one that's refined and full of insight. 

The lack of optical inputs is a minor issue. In all other respects this high-end amplifier simply oozes quality.

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"Not the perfect all-rounder, but few other speakers are this entertaining"

Dali Opticon 6

Enthusiastic is a word that could best describe the performance of Dali's Opticon range so far. Can the Opticon 6 floorstanders maintain that reputation?

Well they're bold and expressive, and come with a great sense of balance in the low end. However, they could be more delicate and refined.

But given how competitive the hi-fi speaker market is, that's no disgrace. They may not be the perfect all-rounder, but few speakers on the market are this entertaining or enthusiastic.

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