A round-up of all the main highlights of the week, including a 4K Blu-ray player from Oppo and a 4K projector from Sony

This week, Dali announced its latest speaker series called Spektor, LG Display reached an agreement to produce TV screens for Samsung and Asus developed an alternative to the Raspberry Pi with 4K and 24-bit audio capabilities.

On the reviews front, we have Oppo's UDP-203 4K Blu-ray player, Rega's Brio stereo amplifier and Sony's VPL-VW550ES 4K projector.

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Dali introduces four-strong Spektor speaker range

Dali has introduced its latest speaker series called Spektor.

The Spektor 1 & 2 (standmounters), Vokal (centre) and Spektor 6 (floorstander) can be combined to create a 5.1 surround sound set-up.

Available in two different finishes, there's no word on availability or price just yet.

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Asus Raspberry Pi rival can play 4K video and hi-res audio

Asus has developed a rival to the Raspberry Pi in the form of its Tinker Board.

The Tinker Board can play 4K video and 24-bit audio and has twice as much RAM as the Pi.

It's expected to cost £55, but Asus has yet to officially announce the product itself.

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LG Display to start providing screens for Samsung TVs

LG Display has struck a deal with Samsung to start producing TV panels for its rival.

Speculation suggests that LG Display, a subsidiary of LG, could start manufacturing screens as early as this year.

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"You don’t have to be a connoisseur of 4K discs to enjoy the Oppo, either"

Oppo UDP-203 4K Blu-ray player

4K has been around for a few years, but this Oppo 4K Blu-ray player serves as a reminder (if you needed one) of how good 4K can be.

With rich colours and superb levels of detail and clarity, the Oppo reveals more subtleties than its closest rival, the Panasonic DMP-UB900.

There are no streaming apps, but with most TVs featuring the main ones, they won't be missed here. This is a spectacular 4K Blu-ray player.

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"The Sony’s 4K performance is clearly head, if not shoulders, above the best Full HD projector pictures"

Sony VPL-VW550ES

There aren't many 4K projectors out there but Sony's first effort was fantastic. It has upped its game with the VPL-VW550ES.

Colours are realistic and the image looks natural. The 4K HDR performance is outstanding, as is the SD and HD upscaling.

You're unlikely to find any problems with this projector, even at this price.

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"It’s the kind of amplifier we want to leave on and play our entire music collection through"

Rega Brio

The successor to Rega's terrific Brio-R, the Brio, is an upgrade in every way.

There's punch, agility and detail, with a sound that's fuller and richer than the Brio-R.

There aren't any digital inputs, which is disappointing. But, it is the performance that lingers. And what a performance.

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