A round-up of news and reviews to have graced What Hi-Fi? this week – with news and reviews on products from Apple, Aston Martin, Dali, Google and more.

This week Google updated its fantastic Chromecast Audio device (hi-res playback!), and Aston Martin dropped its clutch and entered the wireless speaker market with the Zygote.

Elsewhere we tested Apple's big iPhone, the 6S Plus, had a look at Dali's Zensor 1 AX speaker, and wrapped our ears around the 2015 version of Libratone's Zipp wireless speaker.

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Chromecast Audio gets hi-res music and multi-room support

Google has updated it's audio streaming puck with a couple of handy new features.

The update bumps audio quality up from 320kbps to 24-bit/96kHz lossless playback. It also throws multi-room functionality into the mix, with the device now capable of streaming music to mulitple devices.

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Aston Martin Zygote is a £2500 wireless speaker

British car maker Aston Martin has sped into the wireless speaker market, thanks to a collaboration with luxury audio maker, Audiomoda.

The oddly-shaped speaker (loosely resembling a car wing mirror) features analogue and digital connections, Apple AirPlay, DLNA and an Android/iOS control app.

It also features Class D amplifiers that deliver 240 watts of audio power. That probably goes some way to explaining the price, which is a hefty £2500.

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Spotify may hold back some albums from its free streaming service

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal this week, Spotify may consider a change to its release strategy, holding back new albums from its free service.

The idea appears to be twofold: incentivize users to pay for the premium service, and appease disgruntled artists who don't want albums available for free at launch.

Subscribers would get access first, with albums trickling onto the free service later. A good idea or a bad one?

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"It’s a better smartphone by Apple’s own standards as well, with excellent sound quality finally getting the fifth star"

Apple iPhone 6S Plus

After last year's four-star effort, did Apple have something to prove with its bigger phones? If so they've done it spectacularly.

The 6S Plus is the perfect showcase for what we've come to expect from the Cupertino company, a fantastic multimedia device with top performance the board.

The only thing that gives us pause? The price. 

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"If their convenience suits your needs, you won’t go far wrong with the Zensor 1 AXs."

Dali Zensor 1 AX

The Zensor 1 AX speakers are the powerered version of its much-admired Zensor 1s. And anyone looking for a desktop speaker should consider these.

They're more convenient than their bigger brethren and offer the flexibility of Bluetooth. The bass isn't huge, but that's a problem we can overlook when the performance is this enjoyable.

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"Undoubtedly, the new Zipp is a success; a worthy sequel that proves this concept has legs"

Libratone Zipp (2015)

In some ways the latest iteration of the Zipp is better than its predecessor, but three years on and with competition in this market rife, its not as easy to reach the top of the pile.

The performance is very enjoyable - full-bodied and warm - but it's not helped by a congested soundfield. Regardless, this a fine wireless speaker and worth considering.

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iPhone 6S

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