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The Best of the Week - 22/08/08

Claire de Lune

The Olympics is almost over, and we're all waiting to see whether the closing ceremony will be as spectacular as the opening, and then those of us so inclined can get back to arguing about football rather than the finer points of the Madison and the reverse pike with twist.

Oh and there's a new issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision on sale - click here to find out more.

Here on we've:

- Told you about the new 160GB PlayStation 3, Pure's Evoke Flow internet radio and Tannoy's latest Revolution speakers
- Brought you news of more HD channels on Sky and consumer confusion over HDTV
- Revealed Onkyo's latest home cinema receivers
- And wondered about sales predictions for Blu-ray

Meanwhile on the Forums we now have almost 16,800 members, over 70,000 threads and more than 113,000 posts. This week we have been discussing black bars on widescreen films, long HDMI cables and whether you buy CDs or LPs.

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