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The Best of the Week – 21/12/07

So, the chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, the mulled wine has been flowing freely for days, we're being lulled by an SACD of Christmas carols piped through several thousand pounds' worth of high-end audio kit and, yes, there's every likelihood that a DVD of It's A Wonderful Life will soon be appearing on our lovely 50-in plasma just as soon as we get through all these mince pies.

In short, friends, it's Christmas!

This week, when we haven't been too busy finishing the February issue, quaffing brandy and getting entangled in mistletoe, we've found time to bring you news of a special-edition Archos 605 – which comes pre-loaded with the first four Harry Potter movies – given an exclusive preview of our February review of the Intempo RD1 DAB iPod dock/DAB radio, and reported the announcement of the world's first fully active electrostatic speakers.

This week we've also...