Awards judging continues down in the depths of WHFSV Towers this week, with all of us fairly grateful that summer has given us the swerve this year. After all, it means we're not missing glorious sunny days while we're locked in dark rooms, testing the latest equipment and getting involved in heated debates.

In the meantime, things have also been busy here on the website, This week you can...

  • Discover the latest TV Freeview TV recorders, from Goodmans and Humax
  • Make the most of your iPod with a dock from Unison, Roth Audio's ALFiE all-in-one and even a solar backpack that'll keep your mobile entertainment powered - and could just save your life!
  • Find out how you can save over £250 on a KEF speaker package
  • And discover what Philips has done to its Ambilight TV technology

We're also launching the first of a series of web-exclusive competitions, in which we have some fabulous prizes to be won online. Right now you can win yourself a superb Marantz DV7001 DVD/DVD-A/SACD/CD player, worth £600 and complete with HDMI output and 1080p upscaling for superb results on HD-ready screens. Click here to find out more.

Meanwhile over in the forums, there are now well over 1650 registered users. This week they've been dreaming about cost no object systems, gazing in wonder at a massive home cinema system in a tiny room, debating the merits of various HDMI cables, and having a lively discussion about the whole Blu-ray v HD DVD thing. 

Why not join in? Click here to start talking hi-fi and home cinema with fellow enthusiasts - and stand a chance of winning that amazing Marantz player!

More after the break

And there's a new issue of the magazine on sale next Thursday, with tests on 32in flatscreens, CD players and £1000 receivers, plus much more. More information on that next week, but in the meantime, why not subscribe?