The Sound and Vision show in Bristol is now only a week away, and plans are well underway for our demonstration and online coverage, not to mention giving you the chance to meet the new team.

The March issue of the magazine is out, with highlights including our pick of the best 32in TV buys, Marantz taking on Rotel for top budget amp honours, and universal remote controls to simplify your system.

And so is a new issue of the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Ultimate Guides, this time covering systems from minis and home cinema in a box packages through to separates combinations. We've no fewer than 80 system for you to consider, along with accessories and advice about buying and set-up to make the most of your purchase.

So whether you're about to buy or just considering an upgrade, look for the red cover with Sly Stallone on it in a newsagent near you.

Meanwhile here online we've...

Over in the Forums we now have over 9800 registered users and over 28,000 threads to keep you talking. We've getting a bit reflective this week, with threads about the forum itself, the origin of members' usernames, and of course the benefits of better cables.

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