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The January issue is now on sale, and the new Ultimate Guide, covering 2008's new technology, is in the shops. So time to kick back and gorge ourselves on mulled wine and mince pies, then?

Not quite – there's the small matter of a February issue to finish off before we can start making last-minute presents for the family with washing-up liquid bottles, sticky-backed plastic, glitter and those nice safe round-ended scissors.

Meanwhile, as part of our continuing plans for world domination, editor Clare Newsome has been elevated to the role of Brand Director/Editor-in-Chief, and has already ordered her wing-backed leather executive chair and nicked the office copy of The Devil Wears Prada. Which means that, as part of an overall expansion of the staff, we're hiring, as they say in the States.

So if you've always wanted to take charge of the magazine or the website, just click to apply for the post of Editor, What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision or Editor, whathifi.com.

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Over in the forums, we now have almost 7500 users and almost 18,000 threads to keep you entertained and informed: this week we've discussed whether US equipment is more high-end than Brit-fi, struggled with receiver choice, and pondered the future of Blu-ray.

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