"Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"

Yes, if you're feeling the faint twinges of a stabbing pain, it's because it's the eve of the Ides of March. So we'd hold off on wearing the purple toga and the laurel wreath if you're going to be hanging around the Forums tomorrow. Might make you a bit too easy to spot.

In other news, we've learned this week how much we give MPs to spend on their hi-fi and TV, wondered whether our tellies have gone all wonky because the gales have twisted our antennae (oooh, nasty!).

We've also munched our way through SouthaK's very generous goody box, which has smoothed the progress of the May issue no end.

Meanwhile, back here on the web that is worldwide, we've...

Over in the Forums we now have almost 11,000 registered users and nearly 50,000 posts to keep you talking. This week we've been banging on about possible Onkyo updates, looking for warmer wires, and discussing media servers.

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